Embark on a journey where pedagogy challenges convention where marketing theory meets real-world strategy.

Welcome, I'm Professor Olivia Brown, your expert navigator and certified Quality Matters guide.


We'll cut through the fog of abstract concepts with tangible case studies and dynamic marketing scenarios, anchoring knowledge with skills that stand strong in the winds of the professional world.


Every course and lesson plan is a beacon of the Quality Matters certification and assessment standards, reflecting my dedication to top-tier, effective education. I’m not just teaching marketing, I'm crafting immersive, interactive experiences that inspire critical thinking, creativity, and drive results in real-world settings.


Whether you’re an aspiring marketer seeking to master the craft, a seasoned professional eager to sharpen your skills, or an educator looking for inspiration, this is your launch pad.


When I set out to design a course, I am driven by a complex, intricate endeavor: creating an optimal educational experience. Every stage of my course development seamlessly integrates the robust Quality Matters (QM) standards, ensuring the highest quality of learning.

The process starts with me conducting a thorough analysis of the course objectives and learner outcomes. This foundational stage establishes the backbone of the course, aligning the needs of the learners with the aims of the curriculum. I outline the course-level objectives, setting clear, measurable goals that define what the students will learn.

Next, I dive deep into the content. Each piece of content I choose serves the course objectives and aligns with QM's rigorous standards. I meticulously select and organize the content to provide a logical, coherent learning pathway for my students.

The third step in my process involves assessment design, where I create methods to measure student learning. Every assessment aligns with the learning outcomes and objectives, ensuring a clear path for students to demonstrate their understanding and application of the course material.

The fourth stage of my process is all about learner engagement and interaction. I design opportunities for active learning, encouraging students to interact with the course content, their peers, and their instructors. My approach promotes a dynamic, community-focused learning environment.

Fifthly, I ensure accessibility and usability. All of my courses are built with universal design principles, ensuring they are accessible and easy to navigate for all students. I regularly check and update the courses to comply with QM's accessibility and usability standards.

Finally, I conduct a thorough review and evaluation of the course design. I meticulously check that the course complies with all eight general standards of the QM Rubric. 

In essence, my course design process, underpinned by Quality Matters standards, is more than a methodology—it's my personal commitment to delivering transformative, high-quality online education.